AKIN was created in 2007, as a non profit organization in response to a need that arose when 240 children were displaced as the result of the closing of a children’s home in Nairobi. The St. Francis Integrated School was overcrowded with children as young as two years old and teens well beyond puberty. Hygiene was poor and disease had begun to take it’s toll on the health of all the residents. Some had been taken there by adults who could no longer care for them, and had lived there for four or five years. Although called a school, no real education was taking place, and the children’s lives were headed in a dangerous direction.

As visitors to Kenya, we were introduced to the children’s home in 2005 and we vowed to do something to give these children a chance at a better life. We found others who were willing to accept the challenge with us and African Kids In Need was born. It has been five years since we started our work and we have been able to accomplish amazing things. The children who we met at St. Francis have been cared for and given a chance for an education. Several have already graduated from vocational schools and have found jobs and others have finished secondary school and remarkably have enrolled in college programs.

AKIN receives no government funding. We raise our money from donors who believe that organizations such as ours can make a difference in the world. Follow our progress, meet our students and staff in Kenya , watch their videos and be a part of our journey.

Asante Sana / Thank you,
Paul Miller
Executive Director African Kids In Need

About Paul Miller

Paul MillerPaul Miller founded AKIN in 2007, following a trip to Kenya and Tanzania with his family. He was motivated by the resilience of the people he met; although they are faced with incredible challenges on a daily basis, there is a spirit of joy, warmth and determination that is incredibly unique.Paul Miller has been fortunate in his own life. As a successful television producer and director living in Los Angeles, he has won two Emmy Awards and the Directors Guild of America Award. He has been married for thirty one years and is the father of two wonderful children. Paul and his wife Shelley recently became grandparents and couldn’t be happier.

About AKIN
African Kids In Need was created to give children in Kenya a chance for a brighter future. Know our story >