I want to sponsor a child for one year

Our children constantly asks if they have been funded. Supporting one child for one year guarantees that he or she will continue their education without interruption, so that they may focus on learning and succeeding in school.

Your donation will be used in the following manner:

$600 per year
School Fees
$400 per year or $24 per month
Clothing + Personal Effects Uniforms and shoes, toiletries, soaps, sanitary products.
$200 per year or $10 per month
School Supplies Text books, pencils.

I want to donate another amount

No matter how much you're willing to donate, each dollar counts. Our priorities are first to pay school fees, then the cost of their books and personal effects, and finally the administration.


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A.K.I.N is partnered with ANPPCAN.

ANPPCAN is a leading nonprofit organization in East Africa that advocates for children’s rights. It maintains offices in Nairobi and employs a full time staff including two dedicated social workers  who oversee the daily operations of our program. This partnership guarantees that our students have assistance in resolving academic and personal issues when they arise.  ANPPCAN provides resources including access to  medical services when needed as well as providing personal supplies and text books to each child. Our social workers  counsel  the students and their family members and assist them when making the transition to life after graduation. Helping our children in school and beyond is an important feature of the A.K.I.N program. It adds great value to our donors contributions.