Annual Giving Campaign: Looking Ahead

As we near the end of the school year in Kenya and look ahead to 2017, and the celebration of our 10th Anniversary, we are asking those who believe in the value of educating children around the world to support our work. Since we began in 2007, we have helped hundreds of Kenyan children have an opportunity to learn. Nearly every week we hear from a child in our program who writes to tell us how much our support has meant to them. These are children who simply had no future.They had been either orphaned or abandoned by parents or grandparents who could not provide for them. We are proud of our accomplishments but we cannot do it without the support of our donors. Administration costs are kept to a minimum as our staff in Kenya is very small and they are our only salaried employees. Office rent, accounting costs and other overhead is minimal because of a partnership with ANPPCAN, another NGO that we work with in Nairobi. Donations received go directly to support of the children and their educational needs. The uniqueness of our work is that we do more than pay for school fees and personal effects, A.K.I.N. social workers mentor our students throughout the school year and we work with their parents or guardians to resolve personal issues which affect them. As they near the end of their four years of secondary school  or two years of vocational training programs, we prepare them for the transition to the next phase of their lives by helping them make decisions about their future. We help them apply to college or university if they qualify or find employment and job training programs so that they can become self supporting. It is not our intention to make them dependent on our program indefinitely. Please make A.K.I.N. part of your annual giving plan so that we can continue our mission which is to help children have an opportunity to become educated and move ahead from the poverty and despair of their early lives. It takes just a little to make a big difference in the lives of Kenyan children.

Asante sana (thank you)
Paul Miller Executive Director
African Kids in Need